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End of GSoC 2008

Sunday, August 24, 2008 by Unknown

For the past few months, I was busy working on an LGLP'd encoder for the Apple Lossless format for FFmpeg.
GSoC is now at an end and I think I pretty much completed all the goals of my application. We now have a fast and usable encoder to complement the existing decoder in libavcodec. By "usable", I mean that the encoded audio plays back losslessly through iTunes and the iPod as well. Before the project was started, the only viable alternatives for producing lossless files for the iPod were to either use iTunes (proprietary, closed source) or dbPoweramp (again closed source).
This is as far as the Windows platform goes. On Linux, both tools can be run using wine but it wasn't quite stable when I tried it. Also, dbPoweramp isn't nearly as good when it comes to compression. Anyhow, as it stands, the libavcodec ALAC encoder is quite fast and compression is comparable to iTunes. That should be a good enough reason to use it :-)
Hopefully, there will be quite a few improvements in the coming days so I can post some concrete benchmarks.

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by Unknown

Well, I finally decided that I needed a dumping ground for some random thoughts and rants. Hopefully, It could also be useful to somebody who shares similar interests.

Stay tuned!

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