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Monday, May 18, 2009 by Unknown

Well, its been a very long time since I wrote anything here. But I have been keeping myself busy :) , mostly with FFmpeg.

Here is a list (well, sort of) :

  • Finally got around to writing a wrapper for OpenJPEG [link], so JPEG2000 native support is all that remains on that front.
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs before the 0.5 release. One of the more important ones was the DVD Audio Substream handling patch [link]. Still can't believe we actually did a release :)
  • Added decent seeking support to the Nullsoft Video demuxer alongwith some general cleanup [link]. Now its less annoying when I watch my insanely old Southpark season 1-3 rips.
  • Basic support for MPEG4 ALS [link]. Then again, no. of channels is not read correctly, I should get around to commiting that soon. Also there is ALS-in-MP4 muxing which is complicated by the stupidity of the reference code. I should probably send a patch to the people who standardize ALS :) Meh.

Probably missed something but who cares....

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