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Thursday, July 9, 2009 by Jai

A big part of my childhood was spent dabbling around with the Demoscene, and still is to a certain extent ;). Other than the demos themselves, what really caught my attention was the music. For starters, demo soundtracks were usually tracked music (samples + patterns). Now tracking requires a great amount of skill because there are constraints on the number of samples, channels etc one can use. Given this, you'll definitely be amazed at what the scene musicians have been able to pull of even with as few as 4 tracks (Amiga MODs). Try for example 7th Dimension-Morphium/TRiP, which IMHO is a masterpiece (what with only 7 tracks). There are, of course, many more at The Mod Archive. Playback requires a module renderer and you can find one for your platform here.

Over the last 10 years, I have managed to build up a collection stuff I liked including independent prods, Eurochart recommendations etc and which I still listen to in addition to DemoVibes. As you might have realized by now, MOD playback won't work out of the box on a consumer PMP unless you use custom firmware like Rockbox. Not to mention other exotic use cases :)
Since I spend quite a lot of time on the FFmpeg project, which prides itself in being (sort of) the netcat of A/V tools, the obvious choice was a libavformat wrapper for libmodplug. And so here goes, the result of half an hour of hacking :)

My Github modplug branch

Since this is integrated into FFmpeg, you can pull off a bunch of things like transcoding, muxing with video streams, resampling, playback, streaming .......... you get the idea :)

Should be committed sometime in the future.

Later, have a GSoC project to work on ;)

[EDIT] Updated the repo url.

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